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The Educator’s Resource Kit provides powerful and effective tools for teaching the common sense principles of The Way to Happiness.

Your FREE kit includes:

  • A high-impact curriculum using an interactive approach with powerful audiovisual aids and practical activities that fully engage students.
  • Twenty-four The Way to Happiness booklets for your classroom.
  • Posters of The Way to Happiness precepts.
  • Assessment tools to help you track improvements and changes in your students’ attitudes and actions.

The Way to Happiness Educator’s Resource Kit is offered as an aid to educators who teach ages 12 and up in a classroom or community learning setting.

It is expected that, before requesting the full Way to Happiness Educator’s Resource Kit, you are oriented via our free Information Kit and DVD to the purpose of the materials and the scope of our educational programs.

And, it is presumed that you will provide reports that document results, such as faculty and student feedback, testimonials, and pre- and post-program awareness/attitude changes.

If you do not conduct classes or group learning sessions, yet wish to raise awareness of character education, we encourage you to request our free DVD and information kit, sign up for our online training program or read The Way to Happiness in its entirety online.

If you need education packages for more than one teacher committed to delivering and documenting the program, please e-mail or call 1-818-254-0600 to place such an order.