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Community Success from the Use of The Way to Happiness Book

Drugs, crime and violence only thrive in a culture that has lost clear concepts of right and wrong.

“We had some teenagers and younger children in our neighborhood having a lot of fights, name-calling, picking on each other, causing a lot of animosity and it got totally out of hand. I gave them the books and I saw their whole attitude change. They were no longer fighting. Instead they started to work together. They started a soccer team and a basketball team, and started being friends again. These are very definite results I have personally seen, and there are more. Thank you very much for the books, which we are using to improve our community!” —G.S., Community Advocate

“In reviewing The Way to Happiness, I was delighted at the basic, simple truths that it was able to put forth. I could see it being a valuable tool in promoting positive attitudes and views in the lives of our youth. We will distribute these books to youth in our Teen Center.” —Executive Director, Monterey, California

The Way to Happiness book has the true ingredients. It provides moral support, common sense, the real basic things children need to know to avoid trouble and it is not so lengthy that they can’t get through it. The mother I gave the book to told me it helped her to phrase what she had always wanted to tell her children but couldn’t find the words for. She said, ‘This book refreshes the things I have always known. Things I felt I myself or someone ought to write a book on so our children could know them. That won’t be necessary now that we have The Way to Happiness books.’ Everyone we give books to expresses their appreciation. Teachers, parents, clergy and the citizens here have all wanted extra copies for their friends so they have joined us in efforts to get the book into the hands of every parent in the area. We already have requests for over 25,000 copies.” —A.H., Director Community Group, Watts, California

“I am delighted that your organization is tackling the challenge of making communities safe places to live. I am excited that your group has made so much progress at the grass-roots level.” —Community Crime Prevention Association, California

“Thank you so very much for passing out the books in Santee, California. There was so much good advice and I pray a lot of good will come from it. I passed it on to my family. Thank you again.” —M.B.

“We love the whole concept, and it goes hand in hand with our mission which is to inspire girls in the highest ideals of character, conduct and patriotism in order to help them reach their full potential...I only wish it could be distributed to every family in the country.” —Youth Group Executive, Abilene, Texas

Throughout the year, teams of volunteers stock up and hit the road—passing out copies of The Way to Happiness hand to hand in their local communities.
“After having read The Way to Happiness, I’ve never felt so uplifted. We have provided our children’s performing group each with their own copy to study. To date, we’ve distributed over 1,500 copies throughout Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan during our special presentations. Everyone who has received a copy only had the highest praise for its positive message. In a world so wrought with destruction these days, it’s a blessing to have such a publication available to help instill strong moral values in our youth today.” —D.A., Executive Producer

“The crime statistics for major crime in this area have been considerably down for each of the first four months of the year. I know that the distribution of over 16,000 The Way to Happiness books has had a lot to do with this. With the tool of The Way to Happiness we are winning and will have a final victory over the degradation that surrounds us.” —Community Group Director, Los Angeles, California

The Way to Happiness book has had amazing success in helping children and adults to better understand how their own happiness, and the happiness of those around them, depends upon the application of sound principles of conduct. The twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness explain in clear terms what a person needs to do to succeed in life and be genuinely happy....It explains in a clear and very effective way how happiness depends entirely on being trustworthy, industrious, competent and respectful of others.” —Bob Sullivan, President, The Way to Happiness Outdoors Club International

“In addressing the problems of crime and drugs, there are two fundamental strategies. One is the handling of the crime and drug problem that already exists; in other words, CRIMINAL REHABILITATION and DRUG REHABILITATION. And the other fundamental strategy is CRIME PREVENTION and DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION. The Way to Happiness book is an extremely effective tool and has been and is being used successfully in both crime and drug rehabilitation programs as well as crime and drug prevention programs. By educating ourselves, and our children, in the fundamental lessons for life from The Way to Happiness book we can PREVENT crime and drug abuse before it starts. An important point that I want to impress upon you is that drugs, crime and violence only thrive in a culture that has lost clear concepts of right and wrong. The Way to Happiness book plays a vital role in restoring these values.” —Reverend Dr. Ronald L. Jackson Sr., Executive Director, American betterment Organization

“I want very much to sponsor this program here in New Haven. Initially, this might make a great collaborative effort with other social service agencies. Our programs here not only include an athletic facility, but we also house a comprehensive housing program for women and children, childcare, an after-school program, teen connection, rape crisis services, and a special program—providing transitions for displaced homemakers. We see many clients and I would like to engage them in this campaign. Thank you for this program.” —R.L., Resource Development Director, New Haven, Connecticut

“I've had the good fortune of perceiving many others associated with this program here in Fresno leading happier, more stable lives and then undertaking to assist in improving the quality of life for those around them. This campaign based on The Way to Happiness is a light simple touch with positive yet powerful effects.” —L.S., Fresno, California

“I am amazed at the way people have supported us during our first year sponsoring the ‘Set a Good Example Contest.’ Everyone I tell about The Way to Happiness book and the ‘Set a Good Example’ Contest’ has been impressed and supportive. Our future IS our children and I am glad I have been able to help the children in my community with The Way to Happiness.” —D.R.

“It’s a very useful book to be distributed to our nondenominational neighbors. Our neighbors commented that, indeed, it shows the ‘common sense guide to better living.’” —L.S.R., The United Methodist Church

“I did indeed enjoy The Way to Happiness and intend to use it extensively. I am involved in the Utah County Alternatives Network here and my particular interest is youth rehabilitation and alternative education. This is a unique culture here, very religion-oriented and so we are probably better off on this point than other areas. However, the youth here are very antireligious and cannot be reached by preaching the local doctrine, so I see your book as a very viable alternative for them.” —M.C.

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