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Government officials endorse The Way to Happiness by creating their own special customized editions for broad distribution to citizens.


The Way to Happiness doesn’t compromise a person’s existing religious beliefs or social status. In a sense, it is all-pervasive, whether a Muslim or Hindu, even a nonbeliever, it can make a very telling message that is relevant to your own circumstances.” —Prime Minister (Ret.), Republic of Guyana, South America

The Way to Happiness is a perfect tool for rehabilitating these youth. What distinguishes this organization from other nongovernmental organizations is your philosophy and how to apply it to educate and rehabilitate people. You go a long way to ensure that your theory is matched with practice. I am thankful for the work you’ve done and look forward to a continued partnership to expand this program.” —The Minister of Youth and Social Development, Lagos State, Nigeria

“I love your organization’s book entitled The Way to Happiness. I’ve read it three times already and have shared it with others. Its philosophy parallels mine so closely it is unbelievable.” —J.C., Lieutenant Governor

“By encouraging young people to set a good example, supporting student efforts to get drugs off school campuses and helping to forward standards of honesty, trust and competence, the Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America [employing The Way to Happiness program] is to be commended and congratulated. Your program is inspirational. Your determination is outstanding. Your message is phenomenal. To the businessmen involved with this remarkable program, I extend my sincere congratulations to you. Your efforts will blaze a trail that others must certainly follow.” —Former Governor, California

“I think The Way to Happiness pamphlets are most useful in giving structure to families where it is lacking or not effective. Since positive values are the basic foundation for building a strong family life, this pamphlet can help by focusing on trust, love, honesty, the Golden Rule and enhancing life rather than destroying life.” —P.S., Family Services, California

“Your book offers many no-nonsense suggestions for living a healthy, drug-free life. We are fortunate to have organizations like yours assisting in the drive towards healthy living.” —J.H., Deputy Director, Citizens’ Advocate Office, Colorado

“I commend you on your effort to show the various cultures of the world how to live in harmony. I look forward to the day when we all follow the principles that your book outlines.” —J.J., United States Senator

“This material touches on various areas of our lives in dealing with our fellow man and saving our environment. The city, like many other communities, is losing our youth to drugs and other social illnesses. Your campaign is a good one.” —C.H.D., Chief Director of Fire, Rescue and Inspection Services

“We salute your efforts to inculcate the participants of youth-oriented groups with positive values and a sense of self-worth. The Way to Happiness overflows with valuable guidance and affirms the Golden Rule—treating others as you want to be treated.” —City Mayor, Ohio

“As I read through parts of your book, I was struck by the message of honesty. I believe it is an important message for the children of today, as well as the idea of learning by the lessons of previous generations.” —State Assemblyman, California

“It is truly a common sense guide to living a happy and productive life. The day-to-day challenges we face often seem insurmountable. However, honesty and kindness are contagious. The sharing of these traits will make our world a better place.” —Undersecretary of the Army, Washington, DC 

“The book has many important things to say. However, I believe its greatest value is the way it is given—out of love, from one friend to another. The passages can be a guide to following a good path, whether the book’s user is in a government or any other profession.” —City Councilman, Los Angeles, California

“The book The Way to Happiness should be an inspiration to everyone. By following the advice contained in the book, there is no doubt that all will benefit personally and successfully across life’s path.” —City Mayor, California

Sharing this book with other citizens is a necessary element to the success of this program. Click here to order your copies of The Way to Happiness book today.

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